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Being a kid is tough and for Marc, it seems extra tough. For starters, he stinks at math, he can’t even do one pull up in gym class and he’s afraid to go swimming because he’s terrified of the water! To make things worse, the school bully won’t stop picking on him. Fortunately, his Navy Seal Uncle, Jake, is visiting for the summer and Jake has a plan to help Marc get smarter, stronger and better—to become a Warrior Kid! But how can Marc possibly learn to be a Warrior Kid when he can’t even do a single pull up?

uncle jake

Uncle Jake is a for real, super cool Navy SEAL who visits Marc’s family for the summer. Uncle Jake knows a thing or two about what it takes to face challenges. He’s smart, strong, brave and confident—everything Marc wishes he could be! The good news: Uncle Jake can help Marc face his challenges head-on, but it’ll take hard work, discipline and a positive attitude. Is one summer enough for Marc to put it all into practice?

Uncle Jake DEF img.jpeg


Kenny Williamson is the self-proclaimed “King of the Jungle Gym” and the school bully. He has his sights set on turning the fifth grade school year into the worst school year ever for Marc! Why is Kenny so mean to Marc? The bigger question is: Can Marc finally stand up to Kenny, or will the “King of the Jungle Gym” torment him forever?

coach adam

Coach Adam is the instructor at Victory MMA where Marc and his friends practice jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu is a fun sport that’s kind of like wrestling—but better—and Coach Adam makes sure all the kids practice safely—he’s a jiu-jitsu black belt—which means he’s REALLY GOOD! Throughout the series, Coach Adam’s classes teach the kids valuable skills to help them push themselves to be their best.



Nathan James is out to ruin the sixth grade school year AND summer for Marc in Way of the Warrior Kid II: Marc’s Mission. Nathan’s non-stop teasing is super annoying and causes Marc to constantly lose his cool. He even has a nickname for Marc: “Plate Face” and it’s all ruining Marc’s life! Still, if Marc can calm down maybe he’d see that Nathan’s just trying to distract him from noticing just how bad Nathan’s own life really is...


Nora is one of the Marc’s more talented friends when it comes to training at jiu-jitsu. She’s a regular in Coach Adam’s classes and her consistent success shows the boys that the girls are able to do it for themselves, thank you very much!


danny rhinehart

This is Danny Rhinehart, the new kid who shows up three days before seventh grade is about to end. Three days? Who even does that?! Even worse: Danny is superior to Marc at all the things Marc has worked so hard to be better at! Danny runs faster, can do more pull-ups, has jiu-jitsu moves that Marc can’t solve, and is even awesome in school. On top of all that, Danny is too nice—he smiles at everything and it drives Marc CRAZY. If only Marc can get his ego under control and learn from Danny’s talents...  


Anthony is Danny’s older brother and a special character in Way of the Warrior Kid III: Where there’s a Will…. Danny and Anthony are super close and spend tons of time together—so much so that Danny never seems to want to hang out with Marc and his friends. Marc doesn’t get it. If only he could get the chance to meet Anthony, maybe Marc will see just how special he is.



Marc has a pretty active imagination and regularly imagines himself interacting with his biggest nemeses which happen to be inanimate objects! For example, the junk food he craves will tempt him, the water at the swimming hole will mock him, his TV will beckon him. But none of them are as merciless as his Uncle Jake’s stopwatch! It loves to intimidate him whenever Marc finds himself “racing against time”.

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