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jocko willink

Meet Jocko Willink! He’s the retired Navy SEAL and author behind the best-selling Way of the Warrior Kid book series.   While in the Navy SEALS, Jocko learned super important lessons about overcoming challenges. He learned the value of discipline, hard work, self-confidence and doing the right thing. As he and his wife raised their family, he noticed his kids faced some pretty tough challenges themselves. So, he taught them how to use the tools he learned in the SEALS—and they worked!

That’s when he decided to share these universal lessons with kids everywhere and give them the tools to overcome their challenges. From dealing with bullies, getting better grades, eating healthy, having the courage to face their fears and more, the Way of the Warrior Kid series helps kids be smarter, stronger and better.


jon bozak

Meet Jon Bozak! Jon is the illustrator for the Way of the Warrior Kid series. Fun fact: Jon and Jocko have been friends since they were young teenagers! While Jocko joined the Navy SEALS, Jon went to college for fine art before pursuing a career in New York City’s advertising world. When Jocko decided to create Way of the Warrior Kid, he had one person in mind to do the drawings—Jon Bozak! 

In addition to the Way of the Warrior Kid series, Jocko has authored the children’s book Mikey and the Dragons as well as multiple New York Times best-selling titles including Extreme Ownership, Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual and the Dichotomy of Leadership. Jocko also hosts the top-rated Jocko Podcast and The Warrior Kid Podcast. Jocko and his wife have four children and live in Southern California.

Besides illustrating the Way of the Warrior Kid series Jon has also illustrated Mikey and the Dragons and written Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog.

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